While facing questions from the royal commission into institutional responses to child sex abuse, Pell said the Catholic Church was no more responsible for child abuse carried out by church figures than a trucking company would be if they employed a driver who molested women.

(X) Fuck anyone who defends the Catholic Church/heirarchy or believe it is repentant. This is an organisation that has seen systemic and endemic child abuse of vulnerable kids, not only in churches but also in orphanages where they had a legal obligation to keep these children safe. This is an organisation when faced with evidence of child abuse by its priests shielded them, shuttling them to new parishes where they could continue their abuse and failed to dob them into the police.

This is a multibillion dollar organisation that under the guise of repentance gave victims the options of a measly sum for compensation to stop litigation or face years of litigation that will bleed them dry. Take the case of John Ellis, an altar boy who was seeking $100,000 in compensation. While they accepted he was abused, they rejected his claim offering $20,000 and threatened him with a drawn out legal process if he did not accept. Offended by this gesture John rightly took them to court  Rather than paying him $100,000 the Church spent over $1.5 million in legal fees before caving in. It was part of a larger aggressive legal strategy to protect the churches assets. This statement by Pell, the head of the Sydney Diocese, is indicative of an organisation that exhibits an insincere repentance for not only having these perverts in its ranks, but for facilitating the crimes and persecuting these victims. 

Yes there are a lot of decent Catholics and Priests, many who stood up when it mattered on issues like the rights of Asylum Seekers, but it is represented by a corrupt immoral hierarchy that continues to perpetuate a lifetime of injustice against child abuse victims. .

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Cardinal George Pell, former Archbishop of Sydney and now in charge of the Vatican multi-billion dollar Budget arguing that the Catholic Church is “not responsible” for the sexual abuse and violence visited on the most vulnerable by their own priests, and contending that it is “not appropriate” for legal culpability to be “foisted” on the church.

How does this man sleep at night?

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A Simple Vinegar Test Can Save 73,000 Women a Year from Cervical-Cancer Death



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Louis Raemaekers: The German Tango- “From East to West and West to East, I dance with thee.” [more]

For today, here’s a quick update to an old graphic on the discovery dates of the different elements, rearranged to make it easier to print. See a bigger version and grab the download on the site: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-3w


breezingby: Leaving Wallbrook ~ On The Road ~ Hans Zimmer - Rain Man Soundtrack ~ ♪ ♫ ♪ ~

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ok, this isn’t my cup, don’t wear lipstick, not at present, anyways, tomorrow ? who knows…….


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride & Joy (Studio Version)

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Spinach, Tomato and Garlic Tortellini Soup

damn, this looks damn good, might even make some……………

Today’s the 20th anniversary of the 1994 IRA ceasefire. 
And from the BBC — Northern Ireland then and now.
[Irish Times front page from 1994 via @ElaineEdwardsIT on Twitter.]

Michelin men from the early 1900s